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Vibratory Finishing Media

Choosing the correct media and compound for your vibratory application is just as important as the equipment itself. Using the proper combination of media and compound can significantly reduce process times and overall costs while increasing part quality and appearance. The three major media categories are Ceramic, Plastic and Steel.

Ceramic Media

Ceramic media is the most common media used in use today. Ceramic media is often used for deburring, radiusing and descaling but it can be used for cleaning, burnishing and surface refinement as well. It is available without abrasive for polishing and with extremely aggressive abrasives to process parts with heavy burrs, sharp edges or deep machine lines. Industrimax NY offers the most comprehensive ceramic media selection available.

Plastic Media

Plastic media is the second most common mass finishing media. It is produced by mixing abrasives with various types of resins and pouring those mixtures into molds to create shapes and sizes suited for a given geometry. Plastic media is generally 10 – 20 pounds lighter than ceramic media (per cubic foot). The low density characteristics of plastic media make it an ideal candidate for softer metals, die castings and precision machined parts where there are critical surface finishes and tight tolerances. Plastic media is also far less likely to chip, reducing the problems caused by lodging in various geometric features of machined components compared to lodging from ceramic media. Secondary Service offers standard and specialized formulations of plastic media and has the experience to assist you in selecting the right product for your application.

Steel Media

Steel media is often used for edge breaking and burnishing. Steel media along with the proper compound, can produce a bright luster finish on aluminum, brass, copper and steel parts in a relatively short time. The added weight (approximately 300 pounds per cubic foot) helps to break or dull sharp edges, and when properly cared for, steel media can virtually last forever.

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