Air & Wheel Blast Equipment Parts

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Mass Finishing Equipment Parts & Service

Wheel Blast Equipment Maintenance & Rebuilds

Industrimax NY Wheel Blast Equipment Service includes anything from replacement parts, to general preventative maintenance plans, to complete machine rebuilds. We offer complete mechanical service on all major Blast Equipment brands including Wheelabrator, Pangborn, Goff, Rosler, BCT and others.

Equipment Upgrades or Rebuilds often lead to:

Lower Unit Cost
Less Downtime
Higher Productivity
Lower Maintenance Cost
Safer Work Environment
Whether you’re company is in need of a service inspection, installation of replacement parts, or major repairs, call SS&S Co. to discuss how we can help get you back up and running.

Vibratory Equipment Relining

Industrimax NY Relining Service provides polyurethane liners in varying durometers. The process begins by removing and disposing of the existing liner. A unique thermo-strip method uses a special, environmentally friendly, thermal system to completely remove old linings. We then stress-relieve and shot blast the bowl, trough, or centrifugal disk machine to the raw steel state. After a thorough inspection, we complete any necessary repairs including vibratory drive motors and springs. Our technicians prepare the unit, line it to your exact specifications and install any required accessory items. Finally, the unit is primed and painted with enamel prior to being returned in like-new condition. Relining of your existing equipment can add years of use to your existing equipment, at a fraction of what it would cost to replace with a new machine.

Process Consultants

Have a process or production question? We’re here to help. Industrimax NY will work with you to develop, install, or refine a finishing process that fits your budget, time frame and production requirements. In our state of the art test facilities, we’re able to offer real world results that you can achieve on your factory floor. No project is to big or to small. Give us a call today to set up a time to discuss your project with our finishing experts