Mass Finishing Equipment

Industrimax NY provides sales and distribution of industrial metal finishing equipment and service to the upstate NY and western Great Lakes markets.

We offer a full spectrum of mass finishing equipment, including vibratory, centrifugal, and barrel systems, plus specialized media, providing tailored solutions for manufacturers in upstate NY and the western Great Lakes region.

Our experts will work with you to select the ideal equipment and processes, addressing deburring, polishing, surface refinement, and other specific finishing challenges.

Let us help you optimize your mass finishing operations for maximum efficiency and quality.

Our Mass Finishing Equipment line of products includes:

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Vibratory Finishing Equipment

Rotary Vibrators - A type of vibratory finishing equipment used in various manufacturing industries.

IndustrimaxNY offers a range of vibratory finishing equipment options to help industries in upstate NY and the western Great Lakes region achieve superior surface finishes, deburring, and part refinement

Explore our range of vibratory finishing equipment here at IndustrimaxNY.

High Energy Disc Systems

Reduce your finishing cycle times and get that perfect surface quality with the high-energy disc systems from IndustrimaxNY. Our selection of disc systems deliver a consistent, high-value finish on a wide range of parts, giving you a competitive edge

Explore our high energy disc systems here at IndustrimaxNY.

Blast Cleaning Equipment

Tumble Blast Machines, Blast Cleaning Equipment

IndustrimaxNY provides a comprehensive range of blast cleaning solutions for the unique needs of industries in upstate NY and the western Great Lakes region.

Explore our range of blast cleaning equipment available here at Industrimax.

High Energy Barrel Machines

Stay ahead of the curve with our high-energy barrel machines, which offer the cutting-edge in surface finishing technology. Thanks to our barrel machines, you can enjoy unmatched speed, consistency, and the ability to handle your most demanding jobs with ease, giving you a competitive advantage.

Explore our high energy barrel machines here at IndustrimaxNY.

Why Work With IndustrimaxNY For Your Industrial Finishing Equipment Needs?

Choose IndustrimaxNY as your trusted partner for industrial finishing equipment.

We offer a comprehensive selection of mass finishing equipment, from vibratory machines to high-energy blast systems, to meet your specific needs.

Our regional expertise and commitment to service ensure you receive the right equipment and ongoing support to optimize your finishing operations.

Contact us today to discover how we can elevate your finishing results.

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