Precision Rotary Basket Washers

The Industrimax NY line of Precision Rotating Basket Washers are among some the most comprehensive equipment in the industry.

Available with Patented Process Technology – Rotating Spray System allows enhanced cleaning with Rotating, Rocking or Stationary baskets. Optional Servo Speed controls for spray manifold as well as basket rotation.

Standard Features

  • Rotating Impulse + Hot Air Drying manifold is optionally available.
  • Additional wet stages can be optionally added.
  • Vapor extraction with condensation and droplet separator. No external exhaust required.
  • Coalescing oil separator included.
  • Media fill level control.
  • Vacuum drying optionally available.
  • Numerous options are available.

Additional Features

  • Innovative machine design for quick maintenance and easy servicing.
  • Front loading with automatically unlocking vertical sliding door.
  • Patented spraying system with counter-rotation of basket.
  • Spray cleaning and rinsing in one unit.
  • Suitable for Standard or Custom baskets.
  • Large work area available with HD Weight Capacities.
  • Easy-Clean Chip filtration in return flow.
  • Large work area available with HD Weight Capacities.

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