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Vibratory Finishing

Rotary Vibrators

Rotary Vibrators, A.K.A. Vibratory Bowls, are perfect for small to medium sized parts that require surface improvements such as deburring, radiusing/edge break, polishing, cleaning and degreasing, and much more. Sturdy and easy to operate, Rosler provides vibratory installations for a wide range of applications. A wide variety of part shapes and sizes can be finished to any kind of surface requirements.

Long Radius Vibrators

The LR concept offers a high degree of flexibility. Long radius machines can be used for in-line continuous processing and for batch processing. In batch processing, the machines are equipped with a pneumatic separation flap. Batch processing in LR machines allows the processing of larger parts, with a minimum of part-on-part contact. Their main application is in-line, continuous-feed operation. Continuous-feed operation allows the LR machines to be placed directly into an in-line manufacturing process without having to invest in expensive batch loading equipment. In the continuous, single lap process, the Long Radius flow systems are ideal for fast deburring, edge breaking and radiusing.

Tub Vibrators

Vibratory Tubs are designed for applications where the biggest Rotary vibrator, because of the size of the parts, might still be too small. Straight tubs are very suitable for large and sensitive parts which if necessary, can be treated in separate compartments without the risk of part on part impingement. Rosler manufactures vibratory tubs to process parts ranging in size from 1’-20’ in length.

Continuous Flow Vibrators – Fully Automatic Vibratory Finishing

The continuous loading process is just one benefit of the continuous flow installations. Part input rates and dwell times may be varied in conjunction with the size and sensitivity of the components. Consequently, this technology integrates well into automated process environments. For applications where limited space is available, continuous flow Rotary vibrators can be used, in lieu of linear machines, to achieve similar processing times in a relatively small foot print.

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