High Energy Disc Systems

High-energy disc machines offer an efficient alternative to conventional vibratory machines, providing performance levels of up to 10 to 30 times higher than conventional vibratory equipment. High Energy Disc machine are ideal when short cycle times, high throughput, and batch integrity are required.

E-Series Machines

E Series machines are standalone units that can be used with external screens, or linked to existing vibratory screening units. One or multiple units can run in a finishing bank to meet production requirements of smaller or delicate parts, that may require some operator assistance to separate.

Series E/SM & E/SA High-Energy Disc Systems

These series link the machining unit directly to the work piece separation device. This makes the system particularly user friendly. The processing media remain within the system after being separated from the work pieces. The combined working-separating unit swivels back, motor-driven, into the working position after the separating process and the processing medium thereby returns to the working container – ready for the next charge.

Series A2 High Energy Disc Systems

FKS A2 series high energy disc systems are designed for continuous processing of high volume parts. This automated finishing systems is always processing/deburring a batch of parts while the previous batch is being separated. Media is returned to the load hopper where new/raw parts and existing media will be automatically loading into the FKS A2 processing bowl. Part mixing from charge to charge can be nearly completely ruled out.

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