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Blast Cleaning Equipment

Tumble Blast Machine

Tumble Blast Machines

Tumble blast machines are the most common equipment choice for batch cleaning high volume or non-delicate parts. The tumbling action of the belt conveyor ensures that parts are continually exposed to the blast stream and completely cleaned. For easy unloading, simply reverse the mill and the parts are unloaded onto an external conveyor or bin. Tumble Blast machine range in size from 3 cubic feet to 72 cubic feet.

Spinner Hanger Machines

Spinner Hangers are an ideal choice for both batch and continues cleaning of fragile or large parts, that cannot be tumbled. This style machine hangs parts in front of the blast wheels and rotates them to ensure proper cleaning. Spinner Hangers are available in multiple configuration able to blast multiple light pieces and large heavy pieces weighing several thousand pounds. Another type of “Hanger” style blast unit, is a Monorail Blast Machine. This style machine utilizes an overhead conveyor to transport parts through a blast chamber to clean all sides in a single pass.

Spinner Hanger Machine
Roller Conveyor Machine

Roller Conveyor Machines

Roller Conveyor machines are extremely universal, able to blast all sides of complex work pieces in a single pass. These machine are available in many configurations ranging from 4 blast wheels, up to 18 blast wheels. Typical work pieces are plate, beams, and complex weldments.

Turn Table Blast Machines

Turn Table blast machines allow for a wide variety of parts to be cleaned in an economical fashion. Parts weighing as little as 20 pounds to more 20,000 pounds can be processed in Table Blast units. These machine are extremely useful in fabrication or service facilities that have varying part sizes and shapes.

Turn Table Blast Machine
Rotary Drum Blast Machine

Rotary Drum Blast Machines

Rotary Drum blast units are similar to a tumble blast machine, except there are no moving mill part. The drum or barrel itself rotates, tumbling parts into the blast “hot spot”. These machines are perfect for small parts that can get caught or pinch in standard steel mill tumble blast machines. Rotary Drum machines range in size from 5 to 34 cubic feet of capacity.

Wire Mesh Belt Machines

Wire Mesh Belt machines are one of the most versatile blast machines. This style machine is designed to blast a large variety of parts, that will fit into the machines designated work envelope. Ranging in standard sizes with 4 wheels to 8 wheels and 12″ to 60″ belt widths, even the most complex parts with hard to reach areas can be effectively cleaned. Wire Mesh Belt units can be installed for batch processing of flat stock or cast parts, or continuous blasting of high volume parts that are too small or delicate for Conveyor or Tumble style machines.

Wire Mesh Belt Machine

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